Client Case Studies

Liquid Crystal Elastomers
Winstead assisted a startup company in the negotiation of sub-licensing agreements with two Fortune 100 companies involving technology (licensed from a university) relating to liquid crystal elastomers having superior pressure and temperature dissipation properties. The novel elastomers are being used for manufacturing a range of products such as football helmet liners, cell phone cases, liners for shoes and spinal implants.

Medical Technology
Winstead advised a startup company with licensing technology from a university relating to a bioresorbable, hydrogel sheet to repair nerve damage, and subsequently assisted the company with obtaining 510(k) clearance and investor funding, and its intellectual property strategy.

Disinfectant Technology
Winstead negotiated a licensing agreement of an iron-based disinfectant technology from a university lab on behalf of a start-up company. After the license agreement was signed, Winstead also assisted the startup company with navigating the FDA regulations pertaining to the disinfectant and advised the company in obtaining financing.