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  • “We have been fortunate to partner with Alex Allemann and his team at Winstead on complex legal transactions. Their depth of expertise, responsiveness, professionalism, and ability to balance legal risk with our business objectives have made Winstead a valuable partner to Mainsail and its portfolio companies.”

    Gavin Turner
    Managing Partner, Mainsail Partners
  • “Winstead’s team has been instrumental in guiding and advising Alafair’s leadership through intellectual property protection, strategic partnership negotiations, cap table management, and beyond.”


    John Joyoprayitno
    Co-Founder, President and CEO, Alafair Biosciences, Inc.
  • "Our Winstead counsel not only understands our needs from a complex legal perspective…they understand JULY’s culture of innovation and caring. Retirement plans are very much a “people” business and they have a nuanced approach to advising that is both very technical and very human. They have not just helped us grow bigger but also helped us grow better."

    John Humphrey
  • "Winstead has been instrumental in helping build and scale the Redbud Ventures ecosystem.  From creating initial formation documents to negotiating complex M&A transactions, Winstead has been a trusted advisor that Redbud can rely on."

    Paul Kapsner
    VP Finance & Accounting, Redbud Brands
  • "Winstead's level of competency and professionalism has streamlined complex transactions and negotiations, allowing our team to focus on creating and investing in new brands. We are fortunate to work with such talented, dependable partners in the Winstead organization."

    Charles Davis
    VP Of Investments, Redbud Brands

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