July Business Services Overview

July Business Services (JULY) is a national retirement plan services provider headquartered in Waco, Texas. JULY offers a modern suite of retirement plan solutions aimed at putting workplace plans within the reach of millions of small businesses. JULY’s proprietary technology solutions streamline, automate, and simplify all facets of retirement plan setup and operation while its high-touch service model elevates the experience of employers, their employees, and their financial advisors. Today, JULY serves more than 7,500 401(k), cash balance, defined benefit, and other retirement plans across the country and provides expert white label and back-office support for other organizations.

Recently, JULY has significantly grown its client base, scope and services organically as well as through the acquisition of several companies. Winstead’s Marcus Brooks and Trenton Hood have been instrumental in guiding and advising JULY leadership through M&A activity, negotiations, client interactions, employment agreements and more.


“Our Winstead counsel not only understands our needs from a complex legal perspective…they understand JULY’s culture of innovation and caring. Retirement plans are very much a “people” business and they have a nuanced approach to advising that is both very technical and very human. They have not just helped us grow bigger but also helped us grow better,” says John Humphrey, CEO of JULY.

JULY’s 400+ employees share a common goal of helping Americans build retirement security. Recent changes in legislation related to retirement plans coupled with JULY’s entrepreneurial, service and technology-oriented culture have positioned the company to do just that.  To learn more about JULY, please visit www.julyservices.com.