Redbud Overview

Redbud is a consumer venture ecosystem that creates, accelerates, scales, and funds innovative, better-for-you consumer brands through its venture capital studio (Redbud Brands) and venture fund (Redbud Ventures). Founded in 2020 by two seasoned consumer executives, Brian Goldberg and John Ferrari, Redbud has grown to an organization of 50+ employees across the holding company, underlying portfolio companies, and fund, with offices in Austin, Texas, and Southern California.

The Redbud venture capital studio incubates new-to-the-world brands in attractive growth markets across a broad set of consumer sectors, including food & beverage, beauty, health & wellness, pet, personal care, and consumer tech. Brands are supported by the 30+ person Redbud Shared Services team of functional experts who provide a level of execution skill, experience, and knowledge typically not available to early-stage companies. Redbud has commercialized six brands to date, is preparing to launch two more in 2023, and is continually evaluating new concepts for the portfolio.

Redbud Ventures is an investment fund that provides growth capital to Series Seed / Series A stage consumer brands while leveraging the affiliated venture studio’s operating capabilities and deep network and industry relationships. The fund prioritizes an Accelerator strategy, through which they closely partner with early-stage, in-market brands to provide a combination of direct operating support via the Shared Services team, as well as capital via Redbud Ventures. This strategy is particularly powerful in market downturns, when early-stage companies are burning cash and have difficulty accessing capital, even with compelling products. Redbud finalized two Accelerator partnerships in 2022 and anticipates several more in 2023. In addition to their fund, Redbud and its Principals have participated in ~$170M+ in consumer investment transactions via SPVs in the past few years.

Across Redbud Brands and Redbud Ventures, their team is proud to partner with entrepreneurs, executives, and advisors to create differentiated, better-for-you products and brands in the consumer space.


“The Winstead team’s level of competency and professionalism has streamlined complex transactions and negotiations, allowing our team to focus on creating and investing in new brands. We are fortunate to work with such talented, dependable partners in the Winstead organization.”
Charles Davis, VP Of Investments, Redbud Brands

Winstead has been instrumental in helping build and scale the Redbud Ventures ecosystem.  From creating initial formation documents to negotiating complex M&A transactions, Winstead has been a trusted advisor that Redbud can rely on.”
Paul Kapsner, VP Finance & Accounting, Redbud Brands