With over twenty years of experience partnering with bootstrapped founders, Mainsail Partners has established itself as a leading growth equity firm specializing in helping B2B software companies scale and achieve sustainable growth. The firm’s collaborative and hands-on approach is anchored by Mainsail’s Operations Team, comprised of individuals who work beside founders and management teams to navigate the opportunities and challenges in the critical growth stage between $5 million and $50+ million of recurring revenue. The mission of this team is to help portfolio companies recruit key executives, accelerate product development, scale go-to-market, and build out critical systems and data infrastructure to support growth.  

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Alafair Biosciences is a privately held medical device company commercializing a clinically-driven technology platform using natural biopolymers to address postoperative soft tissue recovery. For over 10 years, Alafair has produced HA-rich class II medical devices for the protection of tendon, ligament, skeletal muscle, and peripheral nerve (including nerve root in spine procedures). Alafair’s technology platform is used primarily by hand surgeons, foot & ankle surgeons, and spine surgeons in a wide variety of procedures. Today, Alafair has sold over 10,000 units of its flagship product, VersaWrap®.

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Redbud Overview

Redbud is a consumer venture ecosystem that creates, accelerates, scales, and funds innovative, better-for-you consumer brands through its venture capital studio (Redbud Brands) and venture fund (Redbud Ventures). Founded in 2020 by two seasoned consumer executives, Brian Goldberg and John Ferrari, Redbud has grown to an organization of 50+ employees across the holding company, underlying portfolio companies, and fund, with offices in Austin, Texas, and Southern California.
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